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My stuff is crap ._. (mostly the computer art, the drawing stuff isn't that bad) :la:

Adopts free and for sale stamp by greenhousegirl Icons for sale by greenhousegirl


Buy one…….I dare you :la:

Zey would look very good over zee mantle!



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Thanksgiving Adopts! by greenhousegirl
Thanksgiving Adopts!
1 point for each
2 for a custom

base by :iconsockl:

Custom 1: :iconcoolpandagirl:
Custom 2:
Custom 3:
Custom 4:
Family: :iconfanfic-queen:
Falling Leaves: 

I've never had a contest before, so sorry if this sucks...

  • Draw an OC of mine
  • multiple entries allowed (max. is 3) 
  • bases are allowed, but credit the owner of the base
  • no sore losers
1st Place: 
  • 3 of my adopts free
  • a free commission from me
2nd Place:
  • 2 of my adopts free 
  • a free icon commission from me
3rd Place:
  • 1 of my adopts free
  • A promo in my journal
  • A watch and a favorite

If anyone wants to add prizes that would be appreciated, I get the feeling you are supposed to give out better prizes (they don't have to be points, free commissions or watches are fine ^^')

  • Mood: Distracted
Name: Chromatic Forte
Nicknames: Chro, Forte, Mr. Forte (the forte ones are more professional)

Gender: Male
Age: 21
Species: Unicorn
Height:  5’ 11’’
Weight: 214

Hometown: Mane Hatten

Current Residence: Canterlot

Occupation:  Piano Player in the Canterlot Symphony

Mane Color/Style/Length:short, red, unkept

Coat Description: Fading upwards from black to light gray

Eye Shape/Color: Red

Accessories: a bow tie, and his portable keyboard

Allegiance: No alliance, politically independent  

Cutie Mark: A forte symbol with a sharp, flat, and natural sign

Special Talent: Piano playing

Family: His parents, and older brother

Friends: Jazzberry Heart, Lucee

Personality:Withdrawn , shy, quiet, dedicated to music

Flaws: jealous of his brother, easily depressed, smoking habit he can’t kick

[Character History]
•Where is your OC originally from Born in Mane Hatten

•How did your OC get his/her cutie mark? after he was enrolled into music lessons, he was initially playing violin, although good at it he tried to play a piece he knew on the violin by ear on the piano, and his teacher switched him immediately after she saw that he got his cutie mark

•How did your OC get to where he/she is today? His teacher suggested moving to Canterlot to join the symphony with his brother

[Current Home]
Where is your OC now? What does he do now? he is the first chair pianist in the symphony, thus making him the one to go to all the special events (the Gala) he lives in a small apartment next to all the other musicians

[Powers List]

He has all the basic Unicorn powers, and he can tune with his magic, allowing him to save money tuning his piano, and does this as a second job.
Chromatic Forte Bio
bio outline borrowed from: :iconscisohaelora:

If you think I need anything else, or you have questions, just comment it! ^^


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I like to draw ponies and crappy computer art. and stuff….? :meow:

I am really bad at keeping up to date with DA >-< (just to let you know)

consultingassbutt.deviantart.c… check out my friend's page too :meow:

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An Egg with a surprise creature
Completely Random Mystery Adopts CLOSED by greenhousegirl
Egg 3 by greenhousegirl
Egg 1 by greenhousegirl
Eggs 7 12 and 13 by greenhousegirl
Eggs 2 6 and 14 by greenhousegirl
Wolf Adopt 10 points by greenhousegirl
You can ask for an egg and I will give you three choices to choose from!

(More expensive because I said so, also because it involves more work)
Animal OCs
A fox  yay by greenhousegirl
Any animal OC you have :meow:
Your Pony OC!
Skyfox Pony by greenhousegirl
Magenta Rain (Original) by greenhousegirl
Jazzberry Heart by greenhousegirl
Sky Silk by greenhousegirl
Ponies! :meow:
A Fan troll, if you wanna, ^^'
My Fan Troll by greenhousegirl
OC Troll Draw to Adopt by greenhousegirl
Entry for TentacleCutie's contest by greenhousegirl
Your OC! (humanoidish ones)
Happy by greenhousegirl
Clemintine (adoptable) by greenhousegirl
Zoe Radford (my random OC) by greenhousegirl
ummmm so yeah…. :hug:
Icons….? if you want
My OC in Pixel form :) by greenhousegirl
Magenta Rain by greenhousegirl
Tavros Icon 1 point to own by greenhousegirl
Rose Lalonde Pony Icon (1 point) by greenhousegirl
This thing... Icon for 1 point by greenhousegirl
Pony Icon (1 point to own) by greenhousegirl
 (but actually 1 point ;-; )

All the Icons besides the first two are for sale as well



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